WakaiGo Box Storage

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WakaiGo Box Storage

Introducing a 3-door opening box designed to facilitate easy access to your belongings. This collapsible box is not only convenient to use but also easy to store when not in use. Made from durable ABS material, it can accommodate up to 80 liters of storage, making it perfect for outdoor camping, warehouse storage, or road trips. With its spacious capacity and versatile design, this box provides a reliable solution for organizing and transporting your belongings in various settings. Simplify your storage needs with this practical and sturdy collapsible box.

– Capacity : 80 L
– Material : ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
– Opening : 3
– Width : 40 cm
– Length : 60 cm
– Height : 34 cm
– Collapsible
– Colors : Black , Olive , Dessert

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